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  • Tom Wood

    Thank you for an excellent Highway 2 Hale event Saturday. I’m still feeling the burn but am glad to have participated. The event was well-planned, well-organized, and well-executed. I have no complaints. Thank you!

    Here are three suggestions: 1) healthy breakfast items, 2) improved route guidance, and 3) re-route to use more of the national forest and avoid the in and out to the rest stop.

    Chick fil-A is nice, but fried for breakfast it is not the best. Bananas, fruit, breads, bars, juices, coffee … the great stuff you had at all the rest stops … would have all been great for a pre-ride breakfast.

    My group missed the left turn at the rest stop in Greensboro. It may have been the cow bells that caused me to miss the signs or road paint, but we blew right through it, not yet ready for a stop. The rest of the arrows were fine, but there were some intersections where we really had to slow down and look hard. Sometimes, we just assumed and guessed correctly that we should proceed straight ahead.

    The in and out of along the lake was beautiful, but it’s not ideal. The national forest was beautiful and difficult. I’d suggest figuring out how to use it more. Overall, however, I cannot complain about the course. It’s challenging and certainly backroads.

    Thanks again!

  • Erica Mejia

    I confirmed my registration for myself (Erica Mejia) and another rider, Scott Nolf for Highway 2 Hale. As soon as I clicked confirm, I realized I was already registered for another event. Last year, these 2 events were on different weekends. Is it possible for me to receive a refund seeing as though it is less than 24 hours that I realized my error. I apologize and am sad that I have to choose between the 2 events.

    Erica Mejia and Scott Nolf
    108 Melvina Place
    Prattville, AL 36066
    (334) 399-9722


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